Black lines on the background image in Safari

Hey everyone, I’m trying to figure out why I have large black lines appearing across the background image on my landing page. It only happens when I open the website on desktop in Safari. I tested other browsers & mobile and this problem doesn’t appear.

Read-only link: Webflow - Oracle Designs

Thank you so much!

Hey Anna!

Can you add either an image or (preferably) the staging link?

Usually transparent gradient overlays cause issues on safari but can’t be certain this is what you get.


Hi Maria!

I published the site here:
And also with a custom domain:

I just noticed that the issue seems to persist only with the custom domain.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at it!

Hi @Anna_n!

I just saw this.

Did you find/fix it?
Cause I don’t see something out of place in Safari… :thinking:

Hi, I did! I re-uploaded the background image. My original setting was Size 200%, 100% Width, Auto height, and Position 50%. When re-uploading I noticed that the lines started to appear when I moved Position parameter to 50% left, so I just skipped that step and used the following settings instead:

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