Billing and tax identification number for my client


My client needs to associate his tax identification number with the
monthly payment. How can I do this?

It was necessary to add this to the invoice.

I have the utmost urgency.


Hi, if you need to make a TIN for your client very urgently, it’s best to contact the services that help you get an EIN and TIN with this thing. Usually, when I needed to get a TIN or an EIN, I turned to this service – And if you need it urgently, then when filling out the data, you should say it to get the TIN the fastest. When I opened my business, I was immediately advised by my friends who have been in business for a long time that I should make an EIN of my company using the service, because at this time I can prepare other documents for the IRS and not waste more time filling out the data for the EIN.