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Webflow interactions are the worst part of webflow...honestly

So… Webflow interactions have been rewritten many many times…and it seems like this is the ONE PART OF WEBFLOW that seems to be… broken. Anyone else want to just pull their hair out when it comes to the interactions panel?

I can’t share the link because I work for a company where I cannot show what I’m working on…but basically… I’m making the height of a div 5 pixels…then when you tap a link-block (with an arrow in it) - the div will change to auto - and animate downwards… and the arrow will move 90 degrees clockwise. When I do “The second click” - NOTHING WORKS… the same classes don’t show any movement… the arrow doesn’t move when rotated…nothing happens…and honestly…it’s furstrating. lol! Very very very.

Hi @cjacobs627 you don’t have to relay on WF interaction panel and your company should have developer who can write CSS or JS interactions from scratch and then you can use these. It is not so hard.

It’s hard to troubleshoot without seeing. But first, you shouldn’t really be animating height (High Performance Animations - HTML5 Rocks). Second, have you set the initial state correctly. Often setting the initial state (even if it’s the same has the base style) works.

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