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Best way to send CVs via webflow


I would like to allow people to apply to jobs and for that application to go to the correct department. I know how to do this via webflow but paying for the business plan for 2-5 applications per month is not suitable for this website.

  • I can use an existing typeform account with a hidden field but I need to pull the job reference through for this to work. Is this possible?

If anyone has other solutions I am all ears - happy to use zapier or anything else. Happy to pay as long as the service I am paying for is reasonably priced or can be used across multiple projects. Thanks!

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Hey @DrNinjamonkey

You can use uploadcare to add file uploads to forms

Hope this helps :webflow_heart:

$38/month to accept the occasisonal CV is too high unfortunatley. I feel like im missing something here - surely there is a better way to do this. Will keep researching!