Best way to build this in Webflow? 🤔


I have a project coming up that I’d like to build in Webflow as opposed to WordPress, but I have a technical challenge that I’d like to solve before taking it on.

The website I’m working features angled sections and I’m wanting to know the “best-practice” for building this in Webflow. :arrow_down:

If these sections were a solid color and not an image, I know I could use the Skew in the Transform settings, but that won’t work with images. So my thinking is:

  1. Edit the main image in Photoshop to include the angle, then bring it into Webflow. Then size it and allow it to overflow the section.

  2. For the green Zebra pattern background, I’d create this as an SVG with the angles, then bring it into Webflow.

Interested to know if this makes sense, and what your approach would be.

Thanks in advance!

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