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Any suggestión to build a site with diagonal Shapes

I’ m trying to build a web (see below image) with diagonal shapes as part of the overall design, but dont know how to build it. any suggestions.


It’s almost only based on background images and images, the bezels are in the images. You can do diagonals with big svg triangles, you can also make divs absolute and tilt them with rotation.

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I agree with @vincent. It’s just a several background images.

ie: Photoshop

The website:

Here are 2 of the background images.

It’s a good reference to get inspiration from… there’s a clear reading path, and it’s very well illustrated,

Another example of a section-design website with cutouts on images

Thanks vincent for your tips, I will try it out, the thing is that this type of web site like are not responsive

… but with Webflow it’s kind of easy to make it responsive

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