Best way to add keywords and descriptions for SEO

Hello all,

I need to add keywords etc. to my header, as well as other Meta tags. I’ve added them to the custom code in the " Inside ; tag:, but they look like they’re being duplicated and are just repeating what’s in the general SEO section of the pages. Am I missing something here? Is there a better way to add them?

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Hi @mhyusi !

Here’s a link with a tutorial on how to add meta descriptions in Webflow

Is this what you’re looking for?

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These are the steps to follow to add keywords and descriptions for SEO

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Descriptions Tag
  • Keyword Meta Tag
  • Body Content
  • Header Tag
  • Formatted Tag
  • Links
  • URL
  • Graphics
  • Incoming Links

Thank you very much.

Very helpful to understand the concept of meta description in SEO



I don’t know if you still need help, but our startup,, has created a native integration for Webflow that gives users more options when it comes to content marketing and blogging. One of our features is an integrated SEO tool.

Some of our other features are:

· a tool to measure your ROI

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I haven’t been able to find out information regarding adding Keyword meta tags… only title and description… could you point me in the right direction please?