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Best Practice to get to top of page

What is the best practice to get a viewer back up to the top of the page?

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Do you mean with a click trigger on a button or icon? Or just in general… to get the user to scroll back up? The link was not working.

In general… to make it easier for a view to get to the top of a page that he/she has scrolled down on.

A fixed position button/icon? The words “to the top” (LOL). Or is there a better way to make the UI better?

Oh okay… I’ve simply added an icon at the bottom center or right… customers are used to seeing that sort of icon. Or you could have a “Sticky Scroll Menu” that stays fixed to the top of the browser when the user gets down to a certain part of the site. Then they could see the nav and click to the desired page. But yes, it’s easiest to add an icon at the bottom of the browser screen that stays fixed… and take them back up when clicked.

Here’s a free source: http://www.scrolltotop.com/

It’s really simple… only one piece of code that you copy and add to the bottom of the page code… inserted just above the tag. And there’s a number styled options.

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Thanks for the advice.


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