Best Practice for three elements on one line

I’m attempting to put three elements (two pictures and one text line) on the same horizontal line. I’m currently doing it with some manual adjustments in a Div (Rollover Div). Seems to work OK, but probably not the best way to handle. I thought about doing it with a row, but having multiple rows might get jacked up in mobile.

Any suggestions on a better way to handle?

Another method would be to use a list item and then style the individual list items and float the rollover graphics right so they move with the responsive evenly and then unfloat them at the mobile view and center for example.

Sorry @mention79, I understand how list items work, but not sure how that would improve on my already-clunky solution. Using a list would leave an odd space (when I remove the bullet) and is still jacked up on mobile devices.

So you know, I’m not a code guy and have only been messing with Webflow for half a year, so still learning.

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