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Good day!
I’m doing portfolio, and would like different preview with different sizes. But not all the div blocks I could place to place that I want. In screenshot I’d like to place left one div block “photo category 3 6” under the first div block “photo category 1”, but couldn’t in spite of the option Float left.

Could anybody give an advice? Preview NSFW - https://preview.webflow.com/preview/olivia-photographer?preview=cb3612593cdcc58742993cc8ed161ee2. TIA

Hello Stephan,

Try Flexbox. It might be easier.

The last image starts a new row.
It won’t float up unfortunately.

Here’s a link using Flexbox:


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Thank you very much! I’ve understood. I’ve learned flex box and end all levels of their learning game. It’s cool!

Just be aware flexbox might cause issues with Internet Explorer. There are two other options you could use. Both are listed in this blog post.

The easier being Sergie’s column solution. The more complex being Masonry.

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Thanks, I took notice of these solutions.

In this decision there is one moment - some blocks are not have the same height. In overall design it’s not good.

I’ve edited flexbox in portrait for mobile devices and now I see that flexbox doesn’t work. Is that another problem with flexbox in mobile device or I’ve done something wrong?


What device is that? An iPad?

Also, please make sure you designate this NSFW.

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Yes, iPad. What you mean by phrase “make sure you designate this NSFW”?

Not Safe For Work. Typically if a site contains nudity or something that would be offensive in a corporate office setting, you tag it NSFW so people know to not click the link while at work.

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Oh, thanks, now I’ve understood. You mean I need in topic or in the text to write NSFW. Sorry! Never thought about it!

You are forgiven.

As far as the flexbox problems go, I have had issues with Safari not supporting either flexbox as a whole, or certain parts of it. I can almost guarantee that is where your issue is.

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