Best Form Integration

Hey guys,

what is the best Form Integration for Webflow? The basic form is just not really good enough. It doesnt even have a datepicker as far as i can see. I want a form with conditional logic etc, what can you guys recommend for that?

I don’t think there’s a “best”, it depends a lot on the features and security you need ( e.g. HIPAA compliance ). It also depends a lot on styling requirements and the responsive view.

Webflow designers generally favor things they can design, so you can look at adding your own datepicker and style it how you like.

For conditional support, look at Formly’s lineup;

Or if you need more, look at Wized.

If you just want simplicity over styleability, you can go with a drop-in solution like Jotform, Cognito, TypeForm, etc. They all have different capabilities and styling.

Thank you! Is it possible to send confirmation emails to customers with those solutions aswell?

Yes, pretty much any solution you use will have that capability.