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Batter up, using Webflow to create motion

I had an idea and threw this together.

hover over the button and watch this guys batting technique. :smile:


As the site was loading in webflow, I was thinking “he didn’t do all the keyframes, he didn’t do all the keyframes, he didn’t do all… HE DID!”


I ws thinking about doing this the other day, by just hiding a gifanim under the image and then swapping the visibility of one and the other… But then I guess you never know at what keyframe the gif starts. Then a dev close to me said he will kick me in the knees if he was seeing me wasting time trying, and that a JS controlling an MP4 would be easy to make and better in all aspects. I trust him… if only he knew what sort of things I’m trying out sometimes, I’d have lost boths knees, elbows, shoulders for a while now :smiley:

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