Basic CSS Hover Map


I’m working on a client site and looking for a way to integrate a simple client map of the United Stats to show all of the states where she’s worked.

Ideally, you’d hover over each state and a tooltip would pop up showing the names of the clients served there.

I’ve looked at Timothy Rick’s SVG Map and it’s awesome, but perhaps a bit more robust than what I need—but if someone can walk me through how to adjust his cloneable to my needs it would be great.

Here are the constraints:

  • It must work on a basic site plan (no CMS)
  • It must work within a Starter workspace

I appreciate your help!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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hi @Gabriel_Cameron what research you have done on your own beside checking YT. did you try search in your favourite browser keyword “interactive us map” ? You can be surprised with results you can choose from.


etc. etc.

All you need is to be able add custom code.