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How can I use a large BG Video file?

Hey guys,
I am trying to create a band website and want to upload a background video however is there any way to up the upload file size limit like on a c panel for example as 30MB or does any one have any suggestions what format is best to compress it down as its already MP4.


If you want a background video bigger than the Webflow limit you would need to host somewhere else and add it through custom code. Although I wouldn’t suggest this because you’re making your site to heavy to load.

Hi Aaron yes I suspect I would I may have to just go with an audio player the video in question is 30.2 MB which is quite frustrating lol.

Thank you for you advice.

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I will preface this by I haven’t tried this yet because I am on the free account. If you can add custom code and link to an outside source then use a service called Cloudinary https://cloudinary.com. They use a super fast CDN and depending on how many hits you get the service is free. On other sites I use them and it is actually faster than having the image on the site because they check for the device and serve the best fastest version needed.

Yeah that does sound handy lol

Hey @Denis32,

General rule of thumb for BG videos is under 4-5 MB and even that is pushing it. I found a great article on compressing BG videos for the web.

You don’t need to be running full HD 1920x1080 for BG videos. It’s recommended you do a 1280x720 and then run it through compression software like Handbrake.

Here is a great article about it compressing for Web BGs:

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Hey Austin
Yes normally that would be case however in this instance the the content is just an image with audio done in abobe premier it’s for a band and it’s a full track so that’s why is so large looping would not work in this instance as they want the track playing when fans view the site

@Denis32, If it’s just an image and audio… You could technically hide a looping audio player behind and image in webflow using custom code. It shouldn’t be a 30mb file for just audio and an image.

You’d basically upload an image and host the audio somewhere embed a hidden audio player that loops the track. Your audio file should be way smaller.

Yeah true I’ll probably just code an audio player they sent it to me as a complete file so I guess they will have to send me the image and Audio separately.

Thanks for your advice Austin

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