Background video soes'nt work on Chrome


I have an issue on my published website:

When we lauch the site we teste and everything was ok in all browser.
Now, i realised my bakground video in the intro page is not working (only on Chrome browser).
How can i fix this? can you help me please?

Can this be related with the new update of Chrome ( version 67) that don’t allow autoplay videos?
Link about this:

Thank you, I hope you can help me please.


I have no information other than the fact that it’s been broken for at least a month or more. Mine don’t play until I navigate away from the page, then back to the page.

Thanks for the reply.
It sucks, even doing this, mine don’t work at all.

Have you tried to republish? - As soon as chrome pushed their update, muted is required, and since then webflow once publishes - adds attribute muted, which in your website you dont have. Im not 100% sure on this, but try to republish.