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Background Video Size Issue

Hello everybody,

I’m currently rebuilding our companys webshop from scratch with webflow but I’m struggling with one thing I can’t fix.
We’ve got a background video running - and as the quality of the webflow “background video” tool is not as crisp as we want it to be, I implemented a custom code.
Now the video is playing, it’s fullscreen, it’s covered - but somehow it’s “zoomed” - and I can’t figure out why.
(PW : “chalkiswhite”)

If you’re wondering how it should look like just press “CMD” + “-” a few times, to zoom out. The video now will be perfect - even though it’s still covered and fullscreen. Any suggestions what might be the problem?

Thanks for you help!


That is working as intended. See Getting rid of a blurry Video Background

If you don’t want a blur background, you have to use embed code with your own video implementation.