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Background Video not working in Div Block


I’m trying to get a background video element to work inside of a div block so that the video automatically plays and loops.

However, I upload a video and it doesnt even show withing the block. The weird thing is, I tried doing the same thing in a fresh template and there it works perfectly.

How come the video is not showing? I have used video backgrounds in the past and they worked just fine. But this time it is simply not working…



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Hey @Roberadus

Share link please?

This one is not working:

This one is:

Seems ok unless i didn’t understand what you are looking to do.

Yes that’s the one I mentioned is working correctly. But the top link is the one where it isn’t working.

Any ideas?


I got it. My layer didn’t have the correct Z-index. Thanks for the help.

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