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Background Parallax effect on scroll moving down on scroll

Hi, Is anyone able to assist me with adding a background scroll?
In my Project “Brit’s Test Elements” I’m trying to add a parallax effect to the Div Block 14. I have fellow the instructions to

Number 3 is the one that is applicable in my case.
One thing is I was unable to change the Z index, when I attempt to it would change the X-Axis to 1.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated to get the background to move down on scroll.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Great question @BLam1 I would actually recommend a slightly different approach to make sure that the scroll effect works on all devices.

I made a quick video walking through the steps:

Essentially you will want to select you child element with the background image, and then create a while page is scrolling animation that scales the image.

Please let me know if this is helpful :bowing_man:‍♂️