Background images displaying in designer but not published site?

Hi there,

I have a little problem regarding native wf background image on a simple divs elements on my home page. The images appear correctely on the designer interface but no backgound images appear on the published website (?!).

Am I doing something wrong ?
Below are two screenshots to better explain my issue.
Here is my read-only link:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Anthony!

I can see the images on you published site - here is a GIF with what I’m seeing on my end.

Are you seeing something different? Can you please clear your browser’s cache and and let me know if the problem still persists?

@Nita, thank you for having taken the time to check it out !
To see the pictures, I had to set the div’s background image to “not fixed”.
A day ago, the pictures were looking fine with their backgound picture set to “fixed”

I now have just switched again to the initial setting I had to show you my problem.
Feel free to check again the published website, background picture with fixed position do not show.

EDIT: on android it’s showing pictures normally.

Hi @anthonysalamin

Thanks for the additional information.

I did some playing around with the Styles on the elements in this section and found the root cause. I made a quick video showing how to fix this.

Hope this helps :bowing_man:

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This solved my problem !!
Thank you so much :heart_eyes:

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