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Background Image Setting

Could anyone please help me re-create this setting in the background images ?

Am using a Div and inserting a fixed image in it. The POSITION as de-selected option is what am after.

Dunno how I created this but I want to duplicate this setting elsewhere and I am unable to do so.

Many thanks

Here is my public share link: LINK
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My setting is in the background image of the Div as you see in the pic above and in the initial post.

The Div itself is a BLOCK - set to auto position

Yes I didn’t understand the question.

Can you show us, visually, exactly what the results should be, and share your public link?

Hey Vincent - thanks for your time !

If you look at the Home page - Blog Hero Section - Blog Heading Wrapper - thats where the setting is.

I would like to recreate this elsewhere below but the Position always gets selected when I upload a background image into a div or anything. Not sure how I managed to create the initial setting as you see in the pic.

On a side note - am also having trouble with interactions like hover on dynamic lists. Works only once.
Are you aware of this issue ? I had to create another method to overcome this by using hover on the element class itself instead of a trigger interaction on other element.

Thanks again

Haha yes that is tricky, it’s like a puzzle game, already bumped into it.

The thing is depending on what setting you have to begin with, the values, when changed, will take either % or px. So there is only one way to reproduce what you have in the first header.

You need to add the 100px value, but to have % above. So select the middle upper arrow, then add the down value, it will be set in px.


But for what you do, you shloudjust use this settings:

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Ah - true that !

Thanks heaps. The reason for keeping it fixed was so I could use a slide trick on top of it. Which is only possible if the image is fixed. Else the image rolls up along with the section.

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