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Background image glitch in safari


I’d be grateful if someone helped with the background image display glitch affecting the fixed menu on the left of the page (share link below).
It is assigned to the ‘current’ state of the anchor and the issue is that in Safari it comes up huge before reducing to the size specified in the background property (4 px).


Here is my public share link:
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Hi, Having a similar issue with the safari browser.

Hi, this goes back to a long time ago - I’d suggest you rebuild the component from scratch so that you can have more control and maybe avoid the issue - I think it’s what I did in the end 9 months ago.
It’s extremely unlikely someone will reply here as my public link might no longer reproduce the problem.
Good luck.


Mine was simple fix. I had changed my component size of from auto to 100%. And it worked. Apparently auto sizing doesn’t work properly on the safari.