Back up button interactions

Hi! I need some help!

I added a back to top button for when you scroll down on tablet and smartphone views. What I need is the button to show when you scroll down and then disappear once the user clicks on it and then to appear back when user scrolls and so on.

I am able to make the button appear when scrolling but when I put the click trigger it cancels the scrolling trigger, it is like I can only have one of those animations

Does anyone know what can be done?

Hello @sdujovnef, so I’m assuming you are using an id for your top section and then setting your button to go to that section once it is clicked, right? After that all you have to do is to set a page interaction, While Page is Scrolling, where you have your button with opacity zero on the top and opacity 100% when you want it to appear. I did a quick loom video showing what I mean, I hope it helps!

Thank you so much!!! I was actually doing the wrong animation and now it works great!!

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