Back button triggers interaction based on which modal I have open

I would like the back button to trigger an interaction based on which modal is open. Is that possible?

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I’m pretty sure you could do it. But it’s hard to tell what you’re looking to do. Can you explain:

What page, what section and which button. Then what’s supposed to happen upon clicking button.

There’s a menu that has these sections: Artwork, About, Logos, And Website.

There are 4 buttons and each trigger an interaction based on which menu item or modal is open. Lets call these arrows for the sake of this request

When you click a section, say for instance, the “Artwork” Section, it allows you to view the artwork and then it adds a back button to get back to the menu.

What I would like to do is have the browser back buton trigger that arrow button on each menu based on which menu is open

So basically the workflow would be:

Menu > Artwork > Browser Back Button (and arrow button) > Artwork > Browser Back Button (and arrow button) > Close menu

Does that explain well?

Okay, I see the read-only site. But what you have now is really nice! I like it a lot. This functionality is great. I’d suggest maybe 3 options:

A. Sub-Nav Bar (with links):

  • When user clicks a grid block (Artwork, Logos, etc), it takes them to that page/section. Then after a time, like 5-10 seconds, you’ll have a hidden full width sub-navigation bar slide down from the top. Make it small and subtle, about 20-40 pixels high.

  • In this bar you can have all 4 menu names running across, evenly spaced as clickable links, but it’s not in the way of the content, just subtle enough so they don’t have to ‘back click’.

B. Sub-Nav Bar (next & previous):

  • Keep the same bar functionality, except in each corner, add a previous and next link that cycles them through each page/section.

C. Arrow Navigation (inside each hidden page/section):

  • After clicking a grid block, the page will show full screen and in the top corner add an (< Back) link which takes them back to grid blocks. But this unnecessary in some aspects.

Honestly, having back arrows for users seems counter-intuitive. There’s really no sense in making them work for something they don’t need to work for.

As designers we want “cool effects”, but users don’t see it that way! They say to themselves, “well dang, why didn’t they just show me all the links, why am I clicking back all the time, just to see the same thing - I’m out of here?”

Your layout is tight - but I wouldn’t over think the navigation. Make your nav super easy to get where they need to go.

The real goal is what … ?? Reach in your pocket and pull out a card - and purchase! So make that process super, super easy!!

Your site is really, really nice… resist the temptation on making buying complicated. Simply add a nice semi-transparent or pastel colored sub-nav on each page with cool font & hover color.

And get them to that Payment Form.

Oh by the way, add a “Buy, Join, Become Member, etc” button or link on that nav - for each page if there’s a membership or join process they can take advantage to get discounts on the artwork or other sections.

I’d definitely have a monthly fee and they can get 5-10 pieces… or something like that. Monthly is always better when you can build a product ONCE and sell it multiple times… or keep members coming back. Maybe a member club that gives them 25%-50% off each purchase. Similar to Amazon Prime and free shipping. Maybe a members set up that offers other features… just thinking.

But that would be in every link. Hope all that helps :grin:


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