Trigger interaction from one page to another


I’m looking for a way to have a button on one page of my website that when clicked, opens another page and at the same time triggers an interaction on that new page. I have a button on my home page that I want a user to be able to click and when they do, they are taken to another page and an interaction is triggered. This page they click to visit has a set of custom tabs that when clicked show different content but their content is initially hidden if a user were to visit the page normally. But what I’m looking to do is have a specific interaction triggered, revealing a specific tab and it’s content, so that it’s made visible on page load but only when the button on the home page is clicked.

Can anyone help me with this? I’m assuming it’s a custom code thing.

The share only link is below but the actual home page in question is: and the page I’m wanting a user to be sent to when clicking a button on the home page is: and the tab/interaction is for the beer tab on the left side.


Here is my site Read-Only:

I’m still looking for help with this???

I’m also trying to do something like this as well. I’m sure it’s some kind of custom code.

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I’m looking for help with this. I’ve attached some pics to help show what I’m trying to do. When someone clicks the white beer card on the home page, I want them to be taken to the menu page and the beer tab turned on. Right now when they click on the beer card they are taken to menu but none of the tabs are active. There has got to be a way through JS or something that will allow for an interaction to trigger on click and then page load.