Automatic sizing


Does anyone know the answer to these two questions:

  1. Is it possible to increase the length of a background video? I have one as my hero image, however I would like it to stretch to the browser window fully. Currently it pretty much does that, bar a small white line at the bottom which I would like to remove.

  2. Again, a similar question. As I scroll down the page, would it be possible to get certain sections to ‘fill the page’ around them? For example, I have an ‘about us’ section with a different background colour, so it would be good if ALL space on that screen could be filled to that colour? I understand that when the user scrolls obviously certain aspects of it will then change, but i’m referring to when that specific section is centered. I just wondered if there was an easier way to get it to fill the screen rather than constantly adjusting it until it gets the right fit, which would then be a problem if the browser window changed.

Thank you for any responses. I hope the questions make sense.

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Hello @Conor_Maurice

With the information that you’re giving I can say this:

Yes its possible just give your video background a class and set the height to 100%

I think you can achieve this using flexbox.

It’ll be very helpful if you can share your preview link and make some screenshots to explain your point.

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