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Automatic discounts

Hi, I’m looking for some guidance on the following scenario.

Step 1 is done;
I have a set of E-Commerce products that are specialized. I’m calling them Partners pages. The idea is that the Partner Pages show products from Ecommerce Category. That way I can name the category after a Partner (ie. Disney, Nike) then dictate which of our products are part of that category. This is working fine design-wise.

Step 2 is not done;
The client wants to apply discounts automatically. So simply if you are Disney, you get this link to a page the general public can’t see. Now you have 20% of any product you’re presented on that page made just for you.

In summary, I’m wondering do I:
A) make duplicate products and apply the discounts manually per partner
B) push back and demand we use discount codes - for example this page is only shown to people who receive the link so I could put the discount code for that partner on the page.

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Looking for information on this as well, any updates

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