Auto-scroll items in navbar according to active section in viewport

Dear Webflow Forum,

I’ve succesfully created a responsive scrollable navbar, in which the active item is highlighted when scrolled past that certain section.

Now I’d like the scrollable navbar to auto-scroll when I scroll through the content on the page (see video for reference). So when I scroll to the Title (section) ‘The Discovery Phase’, I’d like the scrollable navbar to respond to this by scrolling to this item in the scrollable navbar.


I’m hoping for a solution which works without custom code. Think the solution lies somewhere in a moving animation on the scrollable navbar items based on section ID’s?

Thanks in advance.


You need to link to site mate. Live and Preview. :slight_smile:

That said. I don’t think this is possible by Webflow standards.

I’m aware that sharing the Live/preview link is a custom @ToreSBentsen! But I was hoping I could get an answer without sharing it, due to some information on the website which is confidential (for now).

That being said. I could duplicate the page and remove the information if sharing the Live / Preview website would help finding an answer!

Hmm. Maybe you should. Maybe a guy like @vincent can help you.

But from what i know, i don’t see any solution for this with Webflow only. The “problem” being that you want the user to be able to scroll the menu, but it also needs to move on page position. I don’t know any interaction that can solve that.

Hi @Tito, did you ever figure this out? I’m looking for the same solution.