(CUSTOM CODE) Need help with "scroll-to" feature

Hello my friends in the great Webflow forum!

So here is the deal. Is it possible to change the distance/top spacing when using the scroll-to section feature?

When click to link now, it scrolls down to my section, but the menu is overlaying the content. I need a solution that is not “add more padding”. :v:

I would love to upload a video of what i mean, but i can’t seem to find anywhere to do this. :thinking:

Hope this makes any sense. :sweat_smile:

Kind regards,

You should try positionning a div in absolute & z-index -1 that compensates your menu’s height.
And since it’s in absolute, it doesn’t affect your design.

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Hey mate.

Yeah, i guess that would work. :+1:

Just hoped there would be some kind of attribute to maybe help with this or something. But i think i’m just gonna go for your solution actually. Thanks. :v: