Auto-play slider with button click

Hi there,

I have a slider that I need to auto-play when clicking a play-button elsewhere on the page.
If I just choose auto-play in the slider setting it will just loop-auto-play. I don’t want that.
It should only auto-play the slides ONCE when play button is clicked.
However, if the button is clicked again it should play the slides one more time.

Is this possible? Custom code maybe?

Thanks in advance…

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This would not be ideal without code submission, but one solution would be to make 2 sliders, one slider you have as not auto (this would start as visible) and the other slider as autoplay selected (start hidden).

On button click, you can take the visible slider and hide it, and then make the hidden slider (slider 2) set to show.

Otherwise, you’d have to do code injection, and I have yet to explore this feature.