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Auto pagination


I need to design a CMS website for a client, and I was wondering if there is an option to set a specific max content number for a page, and create automatically a pagination when the content surpasses the limit.

Let’s imagine this scenario:
I design a page, connected with a backend list.
The admin decide to place in the page a video, a paragraph, then a form and a gallery. Can the page auto paginate if the admin decides the add another element?

Thanks for the help

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No. This would be something you could do manually on pages, not with CMS items. Bigger question would be why? Most users are comfortable scrolling long content.


It is just a client request to automate the process from the CMS.

They are planning to use Webflow to generate a no branded template, and customising it with bespoke content/ color palette, in relation with the client. So the number of elements in a page could be quite variable.

You can have conditional areas based on field values with the cms. See