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Auto expand specific List depending on what Template Page you’re on

Anyone done this before?

Here’s the page I reference in the video above

Here is my public share link: LINK

Yeah, with some custom code it’s possible. Do you have a link to your project?

The subject/issue - Accordion menu - in your example its Wordpress and this is the plugin:

I made for you very easy/basic accordion. It should work fine.

The idea:

webflow adds .w--current for the current/active page - my code “opens” the accordion tab with the .w--current (So you get the same effect like your example with tiny code).

How to move this example to webflow?
Keep class names (+ add id for the wrapper) - copy-paste the js before body (wrap with script tag) + copy-paste the css before head (wrap with style).

Try this then add live URL + read-only link.


In this example i put the .w--current for link 2.2

@Siton_Systems THANK YOU SO MUCH that is huge! Man, what a guy. Exactly what I needed. Really appreciate you!

I noticed that the CodePen example was gone though, would you mind leaving that up? Looks like it’s 404 right now :wink:

Hi. I delete this pen (Sorry). Use this example i made (accessibility accordion - control by keyboards and tabs + aria)