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Auto adjust grid accordingly to the height and width of the image - Grid layout

Currently I’m using a grid layout with images that have different width and height. I would like the grid to automatically adjust to the height of the images and not leave any spacing between the row. How can I make the next item in the following row follow right underneath the item on the top row rather than adding white-space.

See attached.

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks!
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One option may be to Span the Grid content, alternatively perhaps just use a single column?

I would like have the two columns or as many columns that can fit in one row and if not just move it to the next row and span is what I am trying to achieve, but it doesn’t seem to work the way I want it to.

This was the solution, I was looking for. Here it is for anyone else who’s looking to auto adjust grids accordingly to the height and width of the images in a gallery also with a lightbox