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Autloading Mixitup Filter from a different page

Hello, I’m trying to setup mixitup to autoload a filter by clicking a control button on a different page.

For example I click a button that says “Short” on Page 1, and it links to Page 2 with mixitup autoloading a collection that’s already sorted by the filter “short”.

I’d need this same functionality to work with 3 different filters.

If anyone has a solution let me know!


@sabanna do you have any advice on how to set this up? Your intro Mixitup tutorials were super helpful btw, thank you!

Any luck with this? Looking to do the same thing. Love mixitup! Use it a lot.

you simply need to use a session cookie to save the filter on page 1 so that going on page 2, the mixitup script can get the cookie value (filter name) and autoload it by default. If you need further help to implement the solution hit me up at