Pause Vimeo video on hover out in a CMS Collection

Hey guys. I have a website which has a collection list with each collection item being a vimeo video.
I’ve written some simple JS code to pause the video on mouse out, and play on mouse in. However, that only applies to the first CMS item, not all of them. When I hover in/out on the 2nd video, the 1st video starts plays/pauses.

I need to be able to control the play/pause functions on each of the Vimeo embeds, not only the first one like is happening now.

Here is a SS of the code:

Can someone please help me?

Here’s a read only link to the project: Webflow - CinematicAB

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @mbeni123, I came across your project via your question here. Foremost, a very great job!

I wanted to ask if you still succeeded with an on hover function?
Unfortunately, the In View variant doesn’t work for us.

I got u brother! Thank you for u’re prework!