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Audio imbed works on desktop but not mobile (

Hi all,

I’m imbedding audio in my site using and have loved how customizable it is. It works fine on Desktop (in Chrome), but I can’t get the audio to play in mobile. I’m using a dropbox mp3 for the src file. In mobile, when you click play, the progress bar looks like it’s forever loading, but won’t actually play. I’m having the same issue on Safari, both desktop and mobile. Anyone else have similar issues? Or know of a solution?

Here’s a read-only link of my site: Webflow - (working version)


Not much detail to go on regarding which devices and which software you are experiencing these issues with. However, for the benefit of anyone dropping by with an issue of this kind, I recently experienced something very similar.

Dropbox was hosting files for use with The url that worked on most devices was something like this, with the querystring as an essential element: Activate _ clip.mp3?raw=1

I say most devices, just not iOS mobile devices - tested using FF, Chrome and Safari. No fix was available using Dropbox URLs. It had nothing to do with setup. Nor did it have anything to do with the spaces or file naming in general.

I suspect it’s about what iOS does with these HTML5 streaming requests and Dropbox’s requirement about additional querystring parameters in order to serve the file.

The solution was to make them available on another platform - I went with Google Cloud Storage.

Hope this info is relevant to you.

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