Attaching an SVG under a specific part of the headline

Hey, I want to use some scribble images as a highlight for my headline. I thought it should be possible to create a text span and fill that class with an Image and adjust the position with the controls. In my head the responsiveness should be amazing there!

Problem is that the overflow kills my image and its cut and I can’t figure out a way how to show it.

Thats my design I would like to achive:

This is how the webflow file looks:

If anybody know a good solution here it would be highly welcome.

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hi @EpocaVision and welcome. You can place SVG’s with use of ::before and/or ::after pseudo elements. Here is one simple example I have done while ago so you can get an idea how to. But feel free to search on internet for other examples.

I found already a solution i was stupid!

Still thank you for helping.

no problem Im glad you have figure it out on your own