'Scribble' underline

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
How can I achieve this effect (‘scribbled’ underline).
I need to also change its color.
Thanks for your help!

Hey Brian,

Easiest way would be to adapt an SVG or Lottie, depending on your needs.
Here’s one example as a starting point;

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Hi @brianoa515

See screenshot. I used an SVG created in Canva and then added as an image to the div, set Position to Relative (moved to desired position) and set z-Index to -1 so the text sits on top.

You can then select/highlight the text and create a Text Span to change styling of that specific text so it differs from the rest.

Hope this helps.

Fantastic, thanks for that! What was the size of the image in Canva? Thanks!


Image/canvas size was set to 1128 x 192px but downloaded as svg with transparent background so can adapt size within Webflow.

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