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At a loss | Slider arrows refuse to work

Hi there,

I’m using a slider on a website to show the services but I can’t get the arrows to work. There’s some custom code added and it looks ok to me so I’m not sure what the crack is.

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong?

It is the first slider, not the testimonials slider.

Thanks for looking

Welcome to the community @reece_blue!

It looks like you created your own arrows within each slide that you’re trying to use, but you’ll want to use the default arrows included within the Slider element (outside of the slide groups)—currently you’ve got these both hidden:


You can use the same exact styling for these that you’re using on your custom versions, just make sure you move the class over as well as the new arrow icons after you reveal them on the canvas :+1:

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Thanks @mikeyevin :+1:t2: