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Assistance Required

I have been using a web design software to build a few web sites for my business. The software is becoming outdated and I have been playing around with a few others, including Webflow. Last week I received notification of an upgrade to my current software service, for which I paid, however when I downloaded the new software, it would not allow me to import all my existing web site files. I have been battling with their customer service for a week, and they are unable to find the error message I get when I try to import the files, and cannot help me to import them in any other way. In the meantime, I’m out over $100, don’t have the updates, nor do I have software to make changes to my web site.

My web site is a news and information web site which needs to updated anywhere between 5 and 20 times per day, on busy days continuously. So with no updates, I am losing traffic at a great speed.

I have been watching Webflow videos and spending some time on the interface, however it is now critical I get my web site operational again, and I simply don’t have the time to go through all the tutorials available for Webflow. I understand everyone had to learn Webflow from scratch, and so should I, however if I can’t get my web site up and running again in the next week or so, I will have lost most if not all of my traffic.

Is there someone in the Community who could assist to help me build a new web site using Webflow. Happy to pay for your time, however I do need it done post haste, as I cannot use my current software.

What I don’t want is for someone to build me a new web site, then I am not knowledgeable enough to make the daily changes required. I want to go through the process step by step.

I own the domain name, and I have existing web hosting,and have basic web site building knowledge, although I do not know html coding.

Knowledge of sports or horse racing would be an advantage.

Thanks in advance for any assistance, direction or advice.

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I can help.

You can reach me on Skype: cis.am4 or Email: so that we can discuss this further.



I can definitely help you with this and get this up for you pronto. I also have Webflow training experience.

You can reach me through my contact page here:

Or you can also private message me here on the forums.


Hi @Gallopers,

Is this an affiliate / betting site or a specialised news site ?
Both are doable in Webflow but depending on your needs, the former could be a little be trickier. A news site is “easy”, the affiliate version would need deeper work on the Collections side.



It is a news/information based site with some affiliate adds, but not a betting site.

URL is

The reason I have been working with Webflow is I have built three other web sites and will need to eventually rebuild them so I have them all on one platform. So I will need to get an in depth understanding of Webflow in a short period of time.

Other URLs are

Evan Robinson

Evan, thanks for the extra info.
The photography and doggy sites are easy to recreate in Webflow.

My concern here is with the betting news / punters advice website. Building the website itself is not a problem, Webflow will do just great for that. But there’s a limit in the number of CMS items you can have for a given site, so first you need to clear the data usage.

Here’s the limit of CMS items based on available plans:

CMS items are your data base, and in your case, you’ll use items for news posts, race information, rider data, horse data, odds info, etc.
With 20 updates per day, you’ll blow the CMS plan (2000 items limit) in 4 months, and you’ll get close to the Business plan limit (10,000 items) within a year.

Basically what I’m saying is first make sure you clear how your site is going to use data/CMS items before committing to Webflow.

Happy to help if needed.

Hi Pasint,

Thanks for that, I was not aware of the CMS issue, I assumed I would need the CMS Plan, the business plan is a bit pricey.

Firstly, I own my own domain and have existing web hosting. Not sure whether that helps the situation. Secondly, when I add content, either news item or selections for a meeting, I generally delete an older post so visitors can see there are updates and the web site is turning over. Again, not sure whether that helps the CMS issue. Very little would stay on the web site longer than a week, with the exception of the Basic Strategies and Impact Factors which remain untouched most of the time.

May I ask where you are located? You obviously have some knowledge of the industry and have at least looked at the web site, which is Australian based and market targetted. Have you worked on an information based site in the past? And would we be able to Skype daily as you guide me through the project?


I’ll DM you Evan, it will be easier.


If needed, I am available to help :slight_smile: