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As allow multiple of drop down, how to show all the choices?

when i set “allow multiple”, it just shows 4 choices. is there any way to show all the choices?

can you show us a preview link please?

see my case, the "drop down"widget, i set “allow multiple”=yes, and it only shows four lines of choices while totally has more than 4 choices.

Go to your site settings and click “Enable Troubleshooting link” in there. Then copy that link and paste it here. I think you might have set the fixed height for the object or it might be a bug in Webflow. We need that link to help you out.


Just checked on my site and it works fine. I had to scroll down inside since only 4 are visible but when I scrolled there was the fifth choice I added.

Have you tried to give that select element a class and change it’s height to something higher? I think browser try to fit in everything that fits vertically, and by adjusting the height it should make room for more items.