Limit height of drop down

Hi everyone,

I am new to Webflow, the forum, and website building in general, so please be patient. :rofl:

I am working to create a drop down menu that I can use in the nav menu area as well as in the footer area. My dropdown has a lot of options to choose from, and when activated brings up the whole list of links.

How do I go about setting the max height of the open drop down so the link options within it can be scrolled through as opposed to shown all at one time? I’ve tried to search the forum for this, figuring I couldn’t be the only one wanting to do this, but I’m not seeing where anyone received an answer.

Thanks in advance. :+1:


Howdy @CntryJewell! Welcome to the community :wave:

To better help out, can you please share your read-only link? This will allow us to take a peek at how you’ve set things up and help with any recommendations.