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Arrow control for tabs

So I have a set of tabs here and I want to add some arrow controls so I can slide the tabs, I can slide one row using a transform interaction but obviously I need to be able to slide constantly back and fourth.

I did try merging a slider + tabs but that didn’t work. But I do need a way of getting these arrows to work no matter the amount of tabs.

The page in question is services videos

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I did not really understand your question and I have the feeling that there are many others like me in the forum who did not understand. Perhaps you could elaborate a little more?

I have a set of tabs and I want to be able to slide though all of the tabs using the arrows back and fourth. Currently I am able to slide to the second row, this is using a translate interaction, however, as more tags are added I need to be able to continue sliding back and fourth through all tags.

I have tried a slider + tab combination but that didn’t work out so I’m trying to do this though the tab element alone adding custom arrows.

I have the desired affect, I just need to get the arrows to work like as they would in a slider.

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I’m having the same problem, any solution?