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Apply interaction to class?

Hi there,

really diggin’ Webflow’s new interaction feature. However, I would like to apply an interaction to a whole class instead of having to apply it to each element separately. Are you planning on implementing this feature in the near future?


Hi Joshua, what are you trying to accomplish with the interaction for a particular class? There is already the feature whereby you can specify a class name of an element(s) to animate in the trigger section of the interaction:

Maybe if you can help to clarify what kind of animation effect you are trying to achieve…


Hi Dave,

I have a link box class which contains several elements like image and text. On hover I want to apply some effects on these nested elements (e.g. zoom in on the image). But as there are a lot oft these link boxes on my page, it would be much easier to apply the interaction to the whole link box class instead of having to apply it to every single link box separately. Hope this clarifies what I am trying to achieve.


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I’ve run into the need for this a few times as well, +1.

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I think this would be possible with “custom triggers” down the road where you will be able to specify “if it has this class > add this interaction”. But we’ll let you know if that’s in the scope of Interactions.

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