Hi, I’m new to Webflow, but in just trying the slider object, I notice that it doesn’t work very well when multiple clicks or swipes are triggered. It ‘stops’ the previous slide in place and plays the next one ‘overtop’. Please see the GIF example I’ve attached to see what I mean. Also, the same thing happens when I attempt to swipe quickly through multiple slides. It stops and then plays the next overtop.

Has anyone implemented a version like the one on Each swipe is controllable with your finger (it doesn’t play to the slide until you let go. Also, it just rewinds back to the last slide if you swipe back or click on the previous nav icon at the bottom. You can see this in the other GIF I added.

Please consider this a feature request for an updated version of the slider. :slight_smile:

Is there any way to improve the slider myself so it doesn’t overlap the slides? Some code would be fine if anyone’s done this already.


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