Api.webflow.com returned (400) Bad Request and said "ValidationError: Provided ID is invalid"

Getting an error when setting up RSS → Webflow zap :frowning:

api.webflow.com returned (400) Bad Request and said “ValidationError: Provided ID is invalid”

Any ideas on why this may happen? @waldo

@thewonglv which Webflow site is that? Can you please update your post with your read-only and let me know which RSS feed you’re trying to pull through exactly for which Collection?

Looks like new content hasn’t been added recently so it’s not pulling through a recent update.

Thanks in advance!

website: royalty exotic cars
no collection set because its not set up yet

(1) i set up zapier to connect with rss feed
(2) then connected webflow (successfully)
(3) then the next step is to choose a collection to send rss data to (which is where the alert came into play)

Thanks for sending that over @thewonglv we’re looking into this and we’ll send over an update as soon as we have more information! :bow:

Huh, I’m confused on why Zapier is displaying the “Set up Webflow Item” page like that. Above the “Collection” input, it should be asking you to specify a site. For example, what I see:

When I don’t specify the site, I can reproduce your error. The weird bit is that for you, you don’t even have the option to specify a site.

Can you expand the left column and take a screenshot?

[facepalm] i should’ve clicked advanced settings!

either way, the fields are displayed in the wrong order for some reason :-/

Thanks @nathan!

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