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API Enhancement Requests (Update Item by Slug, not Item-GUID)

Is there no one else asking Webflow to enhance API to support CMS operations by Item-Slug in addition to Item-ID (GUID)? This absence forces CMS feed tools like Zapier to retain the GUID returned by Webflow, versus recalculate Slug from source repository & (blindly, admittedly) send an Update call.

(It’d be great if an Update call would Create the item if the item-by-slug doesn’t exist – making things much easier on those who want to run nightly or weekly batch-updates to sync Webflow CMS with an external repository)

It would also be helpful if the “Get Items in Collection” call allowed caller to send a pared-down list of Fields to be returned, instead of a complete dump. For example, I’d be OK with receiving a result-set of just Item-IDs and Item-Slugs in a collection to help work around the above issue re: ID/Slug based updates.

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I am so onboard with you on this, but I would be happy if they just did by ITEM ID. This has been asked a few times, but there aren’t heaps of updates of progress on this.

I am not even quite sure how the UPDATE order in ecommerce is supposed to work given that Webflow Zaps are not passing the Collection ID or Item ID endpoints.

It would be such a huge enhancement.

@PixelGeek do you know where things sit on this? at the moment we are using POSTMAN and also sorts of other stuff to pull item ids and collection ids and it hurts.

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Agreed! Ecommerce integrations with third parties using Zapier have been rendered useless for us. I held off building our store on Shopify for the release of webflow ecommerce (and convinced the team to wait as well). Now, I’m trying to patch together solutions (so far unsuccessfully) in order to fend off the ever-increasing suggestions that we jump ship from the Webflow ecomm.

I freaking love Webflow more than words can express. I just hope these things come sooner than later is all.