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[API] delete slug


seems like there is some caching when it comes to slugs. I’ve found [SOLVED] After change of slug name, both slugs available and I do have a similar case but I do use integromat to create collections and items. If I will delete one I can’t create new one with same slug. When it comes to integrations like integromat or zapier it’s impossible to rely on publishing / unpublishing. Any advise??

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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When you delete an item, you have to publish the site for the slug to be uncached and reusable. You should be able to call the Webflow API publish site endpoint from integromat or zapier after your delete.

Ok that’s a great point! Let me try as soon I will setup custom domain as this is API requirement. Once I cna confirm I will mark your answer as solution :pray:

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