Anyone here on dribbble?

Is anyone on here on dribbble that might be able to send me an invite? I’ve been trying to get on there for years. You can check out some of my work at


Go on the IRC #DN channel on freenode and ask nicely… fastest way I know.

I was hoping someone on here might be able to shoot me an invite? I have no clue how to do IRC.

I just drafted you:

You have some great stuff!


Thanks so much! Forgive me, but I am apparently not sure exactly how dribbble works. Can I now upload work? Does it matter if I change my username over to dfinkdesign? Thanks again, you rock!

EDIT: I got it, i just had to accept through my email which wasn’t updating. Thank you so much Craig!!


Woohoo @DFink I’m so glad you’re on Dribbble! You just click the little cloud icon in the top right hand corner to post a “shot”. Your first one is REALLY important and can easily get featured. So make sure that’s a good one :smile:

I’m on Dribbble here:


Wohoo! Thanks Waldo, I just had to accept it in my email which wasn’t updating. Got it now and can see the upload icon!!! Been waiting for years for this! Again, thanks so much Craig, I owe you one!

By the way, changing my username to dfinkdesign so you guys can find me there!


Hey @dubblethink what’s your username on Dribbble? Stoked you could invite @DFink he’s got some awesome work! :smiley:


His username is

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Can someone invite me! or draft?

Username: DravenSW

Do you have a portfolio to review?

Would live to be part of dribbble. Tho its hard to get drafted without a real portfolio.

I have a few of my designs on here:

I haven’t had time to create a portfolio site.

webflow sites I have done so far:

Hi Guys,

I have 1 dribbble invite to give away, show me your best work, so im like HOT DAAAM I must give this person an invite :slight_smile:

You can find me on dribbble here

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I suggest you create a behance portfolio for the time being until you get more work to show.

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@MinewireNetwork @MinewireDesign

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Hi Guys,

This thread is a little old now, but instead of posting a new similar question I thought I would revive this one.

I’m in the process of completing my first Webflow template that I have been nursing for a while now. First draft will be complete this week, designed and 95% coded now.

I’ve sent some early previews to Webflow and they really seem to like it which it great.

I’d like to include Dribbble in my workflow for upcoming template designs I am working on to get community feedback.

So I am looking for a Dribbble invite someone please :smiley:

Until recently I have been working in house for a big company where all work is considered "theirs"so couldnt use in my portfolio and we couldnt use dribbble.

Here is my Webflow profile you can see the 3 sites I have built with Webflow which are my personal projects.

Here are the some shots of the upcoming template I have mentioned. If you want to see some more detailed previews of the template I will be more than happy to send some screenshots so you can see if you like my work.


send me your name and email and i will shoot you an invite.

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Will do thanks much appreciated.

@dapitts08 what’s your Dribbble account? :smiley: Mine is wbroodryk :slight_smile: so stoked to see all the Webflow love :slight_smile: