Anyone here on dribbble?

i just followed you…it’s

i haven’t updated it in over 6 months so everything up there is old…lol

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Nice work man, I have an invite if you like :slight_smile: my profile is I really like the look of those cards :slight_smile: and the color combo is great…

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@andyjames Also share your dribbble profile name here so we can follow :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the offer. I did receive an invitation from @dapitts08. Setting up my account now, decided to get all my work done before I started delving any deeper or I’d be distracted.

Here is my profile on dribbble:

I’ve now followed you on Dribbble as well :smiley:

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We’re on dribbble too! Follow this biznis :heart_eyes:


Anyone got a free invite for dribbble laying around ?

Really would love to start this year with dribbble and build up a great portfolio!

Sites i’ve made sofar (making a new version for 2016 also!) (wip)

My dribbble account is