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Anybody knows how to upload and to use korean font

it make me crazy

how do i use korean font in webflow

plz tell me or mail me

Can you tell us what you’ve already tried? Did you try to use Google Fonts and to link the NOTO font? It’s a font that’s supposed to work for many many languages. You can also download it and upload it to your site.

That’s what I tried and it works well. Also, notice that I then tried to use the same paragraph with Webflow embeded fonts, Times new toman and Open sans and it worked. (pardon my Korean)

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very useful to me .
but i mean other korean fonts, not google fonts.
do i have to make any changes to fonts? like ttf -> some stuff. version something.
i don 't know why fonts i have can’t work in webflow.

But to begin with do you know what web fonts are?

You can’t use the fonts you have on your computer on the web. Because of their format, because they’re not licensed for it.